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Computer service and repair shop in Plovdiv fix the problems with home and business computers, laptops, servers, networks and Internet access. Perform quality service and troubleshoot hardware and software problems with any computer or IT device. Remove malware (viruses, Trojans, worms, etc.), information security, network security, backup data and creating backups.

Computer & IT Support

In any servicing of computer equipment, if needed or requested by you, you will get:
- Cleaning of dust and other nechistotiy - internal and external.
- Software cleaning from temporary and other unnecessary programs and files.
- Install new or remove unnecessary programs, operating systems and other software.
- Installing or reinstalling the drivers for individual parts and components.
- Format, split and merge partitions on a hard disk (HDD).
- Download and install the necessary drivers and free software from the Internet.
- Installing purchased by the company or by another company licensing software.
- Service to the Internet and / or network access.
- Lubrication of fans, assembly and disassembly of computer parts (components).
- Labor and general advice.
- General hardware and software support.

Repair of computers and laptops

You can count on us to deal with problems:
- Operating Systems Windows XP / 2003 / 2008 / 7 / 2012 / 8.1
- Operating systems Linux Mandrake / Mandriva / Ubuntu / CentOS
- Local and global networks - design, implementation, installation, maintenance and support
- Cleaning the computer - internal and external
- Software cleaning - temporary and unnecessary programs and files
- Installation of new or removal of old programs, operating systems and other software
- Installing drivers for computer parts and devices
- Format, split and merge partitions on a hard disk (HDD)
- Download and install of drivers and free software from the Internet
- Installing the software license purchased
- Service of the Internet and network connections
- Lubrication of fans, assembly and disassembly of computer parts and components
- Specialized consulting
- Servicing and maintenance of computer and IT equipment

Warranty and service

MODERNABG takes 3 months warranty for used computer equipment and peripherals. New computer equipment and peripherals company takes 12 months full warranty on all components in the sale of configuration (without mice and keyboards), unless otherwise stated.

About RAM and CPU modules in a single sale warranty period is 30 days. Warranty period for keyboards and mice, fans, speakers, joysticks is 30 days. If provided special warranty period in months, it is valid regardless of previous Warranty. Deadline for remedying the guarantees is 20 working days. Transport to and from the office at the expense of the customer.

Service and repair work is carried out by the company. Supplied with the product is checked upon its receipt. Returns then not be accepted. Monitors warranties only when they are in a box! The warranty is voided in the event of damage, the cause of which is bad transport, poor storage (moisture, dust, etc., substandard operation of the EIT BDS), bad zeroed contacts, power surges, improper installation and effects of viruses, lock DVD Region obstruction of the print heads, discharge laser optical drive (CD / DVD / Blueray), damage caused by the mismatch of the interfaces, as well as natural disasters.

TV-out video cards with warranty 7 days. In injury crystal or broken part of the processor core customer for improper mounting warranty void! According to the specifications of manufacturers of TFT / LCD / LED monitors is not considered a defect of: 6 random points of light and dark to 10 random points, DP 2 adjacent bright points and 3 pairs of adjacent dark dots, 2 triples adjacent dark points . The total maximum number of point defects is 16, allowable distance from defect to defect to 15 mm in bright points and up to 5 mm with dark spots.

The company is not responsible for illegal software installed by customers bought from us computers.

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Plovdiv 4000, Bulgaria (EU)
Working hours: Without a day off!
Mon - Sun: 09:00 - 20:00h

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