Upgrade your computer

Updating of computer components in your computer or laptop for Plovdiv.

Purchase, installation and installation of new computer components for your PC and laptop in order to improve its performance and speed of work.

Are you tired of permanently waiting and slow computer response?

MODERNABG.com carried and upgrade quality of home and business computers, including laptops. We provide quality service, troubleshooting, and complete refurbishment of hardware any computer. Removal of defective, worn or outdated computer parts and components, while preserving the information and ensure safety of operation of replaced components.

Upgrade your computer (PC)

Upgrade basis for stationary computers (PC) involves the replacement of motherboard (MB), processor (CPU) and memory (RAM) with new (new model and higher parameters). Upon customer request (or need) be replaced with new power supply unit (PSU), Video Card (VGA), hard disk drive (HDD), disc drive (DVD or Blueray) and / or computer case. You may not replace the hard drive, but to add a new faster and larger in size, or just to add a new (faster) SSD drive.

Upgrade your laptop

For laptops basically add more memory (RAM) in order to quick and easy work of the laptop's operating system (Windows) and other consumer software (programs). Improves's performance when working with video and movies online, Facebook and other heavy websites. If necessary (or request) can replace the CPU with a faster, as well as parts of the cooling of the laptop itself.

Price of an upgrade

The cost to upgrade is formed as the sum of the cost to all parts + cost of installation and setup, including installing the necessary drivers.

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